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AAS Officers

Past President:
Past President:
Past President:
Rebecca S. Sippel, MD
Adil H. Haider, MD, MPH
Karl Y. Bilimoria, MD
Eugene  Kim, MD
Clifford S Cho, MD
Caprice C. Greenberg, MD, MPH
Justin B. Dimick, MD, MPH
Timothy M. Pawlik, MD, MPH, PhD

Past Presidents

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Catherine Jane Hunter, BS, MD Councilor Year 2006
Matthew  Martin, BA, BS, MD Councilor Year 2007
Jeffrey Michael Farma, MD Councilor Year 2008
Kevin  Mollen, MD Councilor Year 2009
Heena Pravin Santry, MD, MS Councilor Year 2010
Colin  Martin, MD Councilor Year 2011
Sanjay S. Reddy, MD Councilor Year 2012
Joseph  Sakran, MD, MPH Councilor Year 2013
Luke Michael Funk, MD, MPH Councilor Year 2014
Dawn  Elfenbein, MD, MPH Councilor Year 2015
Ryan P. Merkow, MD Candidate


It shall be the duty of the Basic and Translational Research committee to address issues related to developing the basic and translational research components of the AAS including, but not limited to the annual meeting, educational courses, and awards.

Ankush Gosain, MD, Chair, 2016-2018
Brian S. Zuckerbraun, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Jesse Joshua Smith, MD, PhD, Member, 2016-2018
Robert R. Redfield III, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Timothy Louis Frankel, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Evan Scott Glazer, MD, PhD, Member, 2016-2018


It shall be the duty of the Clinical and Health Services Research Committee to address issues related to developing the outcomes research components of the AAS including but not limited to the annual meeting, educational courses, and awards.

Carrie C. Lubitz, MD, Chair, 2016-2018
Courtney Balentine, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Benjamin Sands Brooke, MD, Member, 015-2017
Daniel Norman Holena, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Melanie Sanders Morris, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Susan Clare Pitt, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Mehul V. Raval, MD, MS, Member 2015-2017
Virginia Oliva Shaffer, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Jason Thomas Wiseman, MD, Member, 201-2017
Syed Nabeel Zafar, MBBS, MPH, Member, 2016-2018


It shall be the duty of the Committee on Academic Advancement to develop materials and resources to assist members in navigating their academic career.

Daniel Erik Abbott, MD, Co-Chair, 2015-2017
Saju Joseph, MD, Co-Chair, 2016-2018
Joseph Craig Alder, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Azadeh Azarbayejani Carr, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Angela Lee Farber Gibson, MD, PhD, Member, 2015-2017
Adriana Laser, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Nader Massarweh, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Chandrasekar Santhanakrishnan, MD, MPH, Member, 2016-2018
Konstantin Umanskiy, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Parsia A. Vagefi, MD, Member, 2016-2018


It shall be the duty of the Committee on Technology and Communications to recommend and implement newer methods to optimize communication or dissemination of information within the organization. The committee’s mission shall be to bring advances in Informatics to the benefit of the Association membership and to serve as liaison between the Association and industry in developing and showcasing new and emerging technologies as they apply to clinical care and research important to academic surgeons and surgical scientists.

Joseph Sakran MD, MPH, Co-Chair, 2016-2018
Brandyn Lau, MPH, CPH, Co-Chair, 2015-2017
F. Charles Brunicardi, MD, Ex-Officio, 2016-2018
Matthew Bloom, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Kim De La Cruz, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Christian Jones, MD, Member, 2016-2018
David Machado-Aranda, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Timothy Ridolfi, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Jamie Robinson, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Subarna Biswas, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Daniel Chu, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Roger Kim, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Priti Parikh, PhD, Member, 2015-2017
Kevin Sexton, MD, Member, 2015-2017


It shall be the duty of the Education Committee to select a program and panelists for the Committee on Education Panel to be presented at each Annual Meeting.

The Education Committee shall consist of no less than six (6) members elected by the membership to serve staggered two-year terms. One-half of the total number of members will be elected each year. The Committee will have two Co-Chairs that will serve staggered two-year terms. The Co-Chairs will be appointed by the President.

Jacob Andrew Greenberg, MD, EdM, Chair, 2016-2017
Steven Yule, PhD, Co-Chair, 2016-2018
Johnathon Michael Edward Aho, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Evie Harvell Carchman, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Ankush Gosain, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Fabian McCartney Johnston, MD, MHS, Member, 2015-2017
Kaitlyn Jane Kelly, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Amanda L. Kong, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Kellie Leanne Mathis, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Roy Phitayakorn, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Christopher Patrick Scally, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Jennifer Grusby Steiman, BA, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Janice Abigail Taylor, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Thuy Tran, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Heather Lynn Yeo, BSFS, MD, Member, 2016-2018


It shall be the duty of the Ethics Committee to address issues related to academic ethics, including conflicts of interest, disclosure, and scientific professionalism.

Tamarah Westmoreland, MD, PhD, Chair, 2015-2017
Eric Michael Campion, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Dawn Marie Elfenbein, MD, MPH, Member, 2015-2017
Sabha Ganai, MD, PhD, Member, 2016-2018
Mayur Narayan, MD, MPH, MBA, Member, 2015-2017
Jitesh Patel, BS, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Anji Elizabeth Wall, MD, PhD, Member, 2016-2018


It shall be the duty of the finance committee to assist the Treasurer in responsibly managing the finances of the AAS and to help develop opportunities to raise capital to support AAS activities.

Clifford S. Cho, MD, Chair, 2016-2019
Philip Hyungjin Chang, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Sapan S. Desai, MD, PhD, MBA, Member, 2014-2017
Piero Marco Fisichella, MD, Member, 2014-2017
Chet Aaron Morrison, BA, MD, Member, 2014-2017
Vassiliki Liana Tsikitis, MD, Member, 2016-2018


It shall be the duty of the Global Affairs Committee to recommend and implement programs that enhance the exchange of educational opportunities between the AAS and international surgical organizations.

Sudha Jayaraman, MD, MSc, Co-Chair, 2015-2017
Thomas G. Weiser, MD, MPH, Co-Chair, 2016-2018
Alana L Beres, MDCM, Memeber, 2016-2018
Marissa A. Boeck, MD, MPH, Memeber, 2016-2018
Michael William Findlay, MBBS, PhD, FRACS, BSc, Memeber, 2015-2017
Lorena Gonzalez, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Kamran Idrees, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Giuseppe R.Nigri, MD, PhD, Member, 2015-2017
Ekene Azuka Onwuka, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Tolulope A. Oyetunji, MD, MPH, Member, 2015-2017
Kyle N. Remick, MD, Member, 2016-2018


It shall be the duty of the Committee on Leadership to recommend and implement newer curricula and advocacy to stimulate development of leaders from the membership of the Association. The committee’s mission shall be to provide mentorship and development for individuals aspiring to serve as leaders in the new millennium of academic surgery.

Rajesh Aggarwal, MBBS MA PhD FRCS, Co-Chair, 2016-2018
Ajay V. Maker, MD, Co-Chair, 2015-2017
Sarah Beth Bryczkowski, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Dawn Marie Coleman, MD, BS, Member, 2015-2017
Jeffrey Michael Farma, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Jacob Andrew Greenberg, MD, EdM, Member, 2016-2018
Carrie C. Lubitz, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Hari Nathan, MD,PhD, Member, 2015-2017
Susanna Matsen Nazarian, MD, PhD, Member, 2016-2018
Matthew D. Neal, MD, Member 2016-2018
Sarah Catherine Oltmann, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Kepal N. Patel, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Elizabeth Mary Pontarelli, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Lawrence Andrew Shirley, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Douglas S Smink, MD, MPH, Member, 2016-2018


It shall be the duty of the Membership Committee to evaluate, establish eligibility, and accept all qualified applicants for active, senior or candidate membership and keep the Secretary informed of new members. In addition, the Membership Committee shall nominate three Candidates to stand for election as the Councilor representing the most recent class of applicants.

Mark S. Cohen, MD, Co-Chair, 2015-2017
Bellal  Joseph, MD, Co-Chair, 2016-2018
Natasha Sarkari Becker, MD, MPH, Member, 2016-2018
Brian Thomas Bucher, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Nancy Lackhyun Cho, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Vikas Dudeja, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Marlon Alex Guerrero, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Afif Naji Kulaylat, MD, Member, 2016-2018
John Ellis Mullinax, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Carrie Yvonne Peterson, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Reese W. Randle, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Christina L Roland, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Hans Francis Schoellhammer, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Ranjodh Singh, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Anthony Dong Eun Yang, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Peter Steven Yoo, MD, Member, 2016-2018


The Nominating Committee for Executive Office of the Association shall consist of the President, President elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Recorder, and Councilors in the second year of their terms and three members to be nominated from the floor at each annual business meeting and elected by the membership to serve a one year term.

Caprice C. Greenberg, MD, MPH, Chair, 2016-2017
Daniel Erik Abbott, MD, Member, 2016-2017
Adil H. Haider, MD, MPH, Member, 2016-2017
Dan Anaya, MD, Member, 2016 -2017
Fabian McCartney Johnston, MD, MHS, Member, 2016 -2017
Susan Clare Pitt, MD, Member, 2016 -2017
Amir Ghaferi, MD, Member, 2016 -2017
Eugene Kim, MD, Member, 2016 -2017
Joshua Mammen, MD, Member, 2016 -2017
Clifford S. Cho, MD, Member, 2016 -2018
Karl Y. Bilimoria, MD, Member, 2016 -2018
Rebecca Sippel, MD, Member, 2016 -2018


The combined Program Committee shall review the abstracts of all papers submitted and select those to be presented during the combined annual meeting.

The Program Committee will be instructed to establish the final program and notify the authors six weeks in advance of the meeting so that papers may be presented in completed form to the Recorder at the time of presentation.

Adil H. Haider MD, MPH, Chair, 2015-2017
Shipra Arya, MD, SM, Member, 2015-2017
Ankit  Bharat, MD, Member, 2016-2017
Cherif Boutros, MD, MSc, Member, 2016-2017
Danny Chu, MD Member, 2015-2017
Clancy J. Clark, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Zara R. Cooper, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Melissa Ellen Danko, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Paul David DiMusto, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Obonoruma (Obos) Imariabe Ekhaese, DO, Member, 2016-2018
Guillermo A. Escobar, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Luke Michael Funk, MD, MPH, Member, 2015-2017
Christopher Paul Gayer, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Jayleen Grams, MD, PhD, Member, 2015-2017
Ioannas Hatzaras, MD, MPH, Member, 2015-2017
Christine Susan Hwang, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Angela Margaret Ingraham, MD, MS, Member, 2016-2018
Hiromichi Ito, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Bellal Joseph, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Giorgos Constantine Karakousis, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Roger Hoon Kim, MD, Member, 2015-2017
SreyRam  Kuy, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Jayme Elizabeth Locke, MD MPH, Member, 2016-2018
Stephen Hugh McKellar, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Katherine T Morris, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Chet Aaron Morrison, BA, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Valentine Nfongen Nfonsam, MD, MS, Member, 2016-2018
Matthew Ryan Porembka, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Jason David Prescott, MD, PhD Member, 2015-2017
Randall Paul Scheri, MD Member, 2015-2017
Bradley J. Segura, MD, PhD, Member, 2016-2018
Shayna Lefrak Showalter, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Tze-Woei Tan, MBBS, Member, 2015-2017
Ryan M. Thomas, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Tamarah Westmoreland, MD, PhD, Member, 2015-2017
Regan F. Williams, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Adam Charles Yopp, MD,Member, 2015-2017


It shall be the duty of the Publications Committee to review manuscripts submitted to the journal in association with the AAS for the annual meeting.

Faisal G. Bakaeen, MD, Chair, 2013-2017
Amir Abbas Ghaferi, MD, Co- Chair, 2016-2018
Scott A. LeMaire, MD, Ex Officio, 2016-2018
Jorge Con, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Wasim Akram Dar, MD, PhD, Member, 2016-2018
Matthew J. Delano, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Nikola  Dobrilovic, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Raymon H. Grogan, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Marlon Alex Guerrero, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Imran  Hassan, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Eunice Yuee-Dean Huang, MD, MS, Member, 2016-2018
Haytham M.A. Kaafarani, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Benjamin Levi, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Malcolm MacConmara, MB,BCh,BAO, Member, 2015-2017
Oveys Mansuri, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Troy Allen Markel, BA, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Gitonga  Munene, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Juan Lucas Poggio, MD, MS, FACS, FASCRS, Member, 2015-2017
Jacob A Quick, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Faisal G. Qureshi, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Andrew J Schoenfeld, MD, MSc, Member, 2016-2018
Stanislaw Peter Stawicki, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Kazuaki Takabe, MD, PhD, Member, 2015-2017
Tze-Woei Tan, MBBS, Member, 2015-2017
Ali Zarrinpar, MD, PhD, Member, 2015-2017
Mohamed Adel Zayed, MD, PhD, Member, 2016-2018
Amer H. Zureikat, MD, Member, 2016-2018


AAS Historian
F. Charles Brunicardi, MD , (2013-2018)

International Career Development Course Director
Daniel A. Anaya, MD, Course Director (2015-2018)

Senior Membership Advisory Task Force

Rachel R Kelz, MD, MSCE, Chair, 2015-2017
Daniel Albo, MD, PhD, Member, 2016-2018
Herbert Chen, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Siobhan A. Corbett, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Eric W. Fonkalsrud, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Alden H. Harken, MD, Member, 2016-2018
Tien C. Ko, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Scott A. LeMaire, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Julie Ann Sosa, MD, Member, 2015-2017
David I. Soybel, MD, Member, 2015-2017
Creighton B. Wright, MD Member, 2015-2017

AAS Representatives

American Board of Surgery
Fizan Abdullah, MD, PhD (2012-2018)

American College of Surgeons’ Board of Governors
Timothy A. Pritts, MD (2015-2018)

American College of Surgeons' Surgical Research Committee
Dorry L. Segev, MD, PhD (2013-2016)

Association for Surgical Education
Roy Phitayakorn, MD (2015-2017)

Association of American Medical Colleges
Niraj J. Gusani, MD, MS (2014-2017)

Association of Women Surgeons
Heena Pravin Santry, MD (2016-2018)

Plastic Surgery Research Council
Clara Nan-hi Lee, MD, MPP (2014-2017)

Society of Black Academic Surgeons
Fabian McCartney Johnston, MD, MHS (2015-2017)


AAS Constitution and Bylaws PDF file

As revised March 2017

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