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AAS Officers

Past President:
Past President:
Past President:
Justin B. Dimick, MD, MPH
Caprice C. Greenberg, MD, MPH
Rebecca S. Sippel, MD
Adil H. Haider, MD, MPH
Eric T. Kimchi, MD
Melina R. Kibbe, MD, RVT
Lillian S. Kao, MD, MS
Timothy M. Pawlik, MD, MPH, PhD

Past Presidents

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AAS Councilors

Suresh Agarwal, MD (Councilor Year 2004)
Waddah Al-Refaie, MD (Councilor Year 2007)
Todd Victor Brennan, MD, MS (Councilor Year 2010)
Paul David DiMusto, MD (Councilor Year Resident/Fellow Councilor)
Amir Ghaferi, MD(Councilor Year 2013)
Eugene Kim, MD (Councilor Year 2009)
Joshua Mammen, MD (Councilor Year 2011)
John C. Mansour, MD (Councilor Year 2008)
Julie Ann Margenthaler, MD (Councilor Year 2006)
Valentine Nfongen Nfonsam, MD, MS (Councilor Year 2012)
Ben Zarzaur, MD (Councilor Year 2005)

Deputy Treasurers:

Jussuf Thomas Kaifi, MD

Education Committee

It shall be the duty of the Education Committee to select a program and panelists for the Committee on Education Panel to be presented at each Annual Meeting.

Jacob Andrew Greenberg, MD, EdM, Co-Chair (2014-2016)
Rebekah R. White, MD, Co-Chair (2015-2017)
Sasha Danielle Adams, MD (2014-2016)
Brian Badgwell, MD, MS (2014-2016)
Dan German Blazer, MD (2014-2016)
Katherine Gallagher, MD (2014-2016)
Ankush Gosain (2015-2017)
Anne-Lise Diana Maag, AB & MD (2015-2017)
KuoJen Tsao, MD (2015-2017)
Roy Phitayakorn, MD (2015-2017)
Fabian McCartney Johnston MD, MHS (2015-2017)
Kaitlyn Jane Kally, MD (2015-2017)
Kellie Leanne Mathis, MD (2015-2017)
Christopher Patrick Scally, MD (2015-2017)

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee will address issues related to academic ethics, including conflicts of interest, disclosure and scientific professionalis.

Tamarah Westmoreland, MD, PhD, Chair (2015-2017)
Andrew Sean Kastenmeier, MD (2014-2016)
Michael John Nabozny, MD (2014-2016)
Mayur Narayan MD, MPH, MBA (2015-2017)
Jitesh Patel BS, MD (2015-2017)
Dawn Marie Elfenbein MD, MPH (2015-2017)

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee to assist the Treasurer in responsibly managing the finances of the AAS and to help develop opportunities to raise capital to support AAS activities.

Eric Kimchi, MD, Chair (2014-2016)
Piero Marco Fisichella, MD 2014-2017)
Matthew J. Weiss, MD (2014-2016)
Sapan Desai, MD, PhD, MBA (2014-2017)
Chet Morrison, BA, MD (2014-2017)
Ian Paquette, MD (2014-2016)

Global Affairs Committee

The Global Affairs Committee will recommend and implement programs that enhance the exchange of educational opportunities between the AAS and International surgical organizations.

Sudha Jayaraman, MD, MSc, Co-Chair (2015-2017)
Purvi Yogesh Parikh, MD, Co-Chair (2014-2016)
Ravi Jayendra Chokshi, MD (2014-2016)
Kakra Hughes, MD (2014-2016)
Amanda Michelle Laird, MD (2014-2016)
Jyotirmay Sharma, BS, MD (2014-2016)
Jun Tashiro, MD MPH (2014-2016)
Michael William Findlay, MBBS, PhD, FRACS, BSc (2015-2017)
Giuseppe R.Nigri, MD, PhD (2015-2017)
Tolulope A. Oyetunji, MD, MPH (2015-2017)
Thomas G. Weiser, MD, MPH (2015-2017)
Ekene Azuka Onwuka, MD (2015-2017)

Information & Technology Committee

The Information and Technology Committee of the Association of Academic Surgery (AAS) is committed to:

  1. Identifying and evaluating information and technologies relevant to the practice of academic surgery.
  2. Introducing new and emerging information and technologies to the membership of the AAS.
  3. Developing and enhancing the use of established and emerging technologies to facilitate communication between the AAS, its membership, and the community.
  4. Fostering links between developers of novel technologies and the membership of AAS.

Brandyn Daniel Lau, MPH, CHP Chair (2015-2017)
KMarie Reid Lombardo, MD Co-Chair (2014-2016)
Philip Hyungjin Chang, MD (2014-2016)
Melissa Ellen Hogg, MD (2014-2016)
Eunice Yuee-Dean Huang, MD, MS (2014-2016)
Heather Lynn Yeo, BSFS, MD (2014-2016)
Charles F. Brunicardi, MD (2013-2018)
Subarna Biswas, MD (2015-2017)
Daniel Chu, MD (2015-2017)
Roger Kim, MD (2015-2017)
Priti P. Parikh, PhD (2015-2017)
Kevin W.  Sexton, MD (2015-2017)

Issues Committee

It shall be the duty of the Committee on Issues to identify and highlight issues of topical interest to young academic surgeons at the Annual Meeting in the form of a panel discussion or workshop. The Committee of Issues shall also serve as the advisory body to the leadership of the Association regarding advocacy for these issues.

Daniel Erik Abbott, MD, Co-Chair (2015-2017)
Robert J. Canter, MD, Co-Chair (2014-2016)
Waddah B. Al-Refaie, MD (2014-2016)
Sarah Catherine Oltmann, MD (2014-2016)
Konstantin Umanskiy, MD (2015-2017)
Azadeh Azarbayejani Carr, MD (2015-2017)
Nader Massarweh, MD (2015-2017)
Saju Joseph, MD (2015-2017)
Angela Gibson, MD, PhD (2015-2017)

Leadership Committee

It shall be the duty of the Committee on Leadership to recommend and implement newer curricula and advocacy to stimulate development of leaders from the membership of the Association. The committee’s mission shall be to provide mentorship and development for individuals aspiring to serve as leaders in the new millennium of academic surgery.

Ajay V. Maker, MD, Co-Chair (2015-2017)
Tracy S. Wang, MD, MPH, Co-Chair (2014-2016)
Piero Marco Fisichella, MD (2014-2016)
Gregory Dean Kennedy, MD, PhD (2014-2016)
Eugene Sungkyun Kim, MD (2014-2016)
Kyle Andrew Perry, MD (2014-2016)
Bryan A. Whitson, MD (2014-2016)
Jeffrey Joseph Dehmer, MD (2014-2016)
Dawn Marie Coleman, MD, BS (2015-2017)
Carrie C. Lubitz, MD (2015-2017)
Hari Nathan, MD,PhD (2015-2017)
Jeffrey Michael Farma, MD (2015-2017)
Kepal Patel, MD (2015-2017)
Lawrence  Andrew Shirley, MD (2015-2017)
Elizabeth Pontarelli, MD (2015-2017)

Membership Committee

It shall be the duty of the Membership Committee to evaluate, establish eligibility, and accept all qualified applicants for active, senior or candidate membership and keep the Secretary informed of new members. In addition, the Membership Committee shall nominate three Candidates to stand for election as the Councilor representing the most recent class of applicants.

Sanjay Krishnaswami, MD, Co-Chair (2014-2016)
Mark S. Cohen, MD, (2015-2017)
Amal Yahya Alhefdhi, MD (2014-2016)
Darren Richard Carpizo, MD, PhD (2014-2016)
Joshua M.V. Mammen, MD (2014-2016)
Stephen Hugh McKellar, MD (2014-2016)
Michael B. Nicholl, MD (2014-2016)
Robert Thomason Russell, MD, MPH (2014-2016)
Wesley Paul Thayer,MD, PhD (2014-2016)
Caroline Edwards Reinke, MD, MSPH (2014-2016)
Nancy  L. Cho, MD (2015-2017)
Marlon Alex Guerrero, MD (2015-2017)
Carrie Y. Peterson, MD (2015-2017)
Hans Francis Schoellhammer, MD (2015-2017)
Ranjodh Singh, MD (2015-2017)
Anthony Yang, MD (2015-2017)
Reese W. Randle, MD (2015-2017)

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee for Executive Office of the Association shall consist of the President, President elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Recorder, and Councilors in the second year of their terms and three members to be nominated from the floor at each annual business meeting and elected by the membership to serve a one year term.

Justin B. Dimick, MD, MPH, Chair (2015-2017)
Caprice C. Greenberg, MD, MPH (2015-2017)
Rebecca S. Sippel, MD (2015-2017)
Adil H. Haider, MD, MPH (2015-2017)
Eric T. Kimchi, MD (2015-2017)
Tracy S. Wang, MD, MPH (2015-2017)
Roger Kim, MD (2015-2017)
Heena Pravin Santry, MD, MS (2015-2017)
Suresh Agarwal, MD (2015-2017)
Todd Victor Brennan, MD, MS (2015-2017)
Paul David DiMusto, MD (2015-2017)
John C. Mansour, MD (2015-2017)
Julie Ann Margenthaler, MD (2015-2017)
Valentine Nfongen Nfonsam, MD, MS (2015-2017)

Outcomes Research Committee

Karl Y. Bilimoria, MD, Chair (2014-2016)
Dorry Segev, MD, PhD (2013-2016)
Shipra Arya, MD, SM (2014-2016)
Kim F. Rhoads, MD, MS, MP (2014-2016)
David F. Schneider, MD (2014-2016)
Leigh Anne Dageforde, MD (2014-2016)
Courtney Balentine, MD (2015-2017)
Benjamin Sands Brooke, MD (2015-2017)
Mehul V. Raval, MD, MS (2015-2017)
Jason Thomas Wiseman, MD (2015-2017)

Program Committee

The Program Committee will be instructed to establish the final program and notify the authors six weeks in advance of the meeting so that papers may be presented in completed form to the Recorder at the time of presentation.

Adil H. Haider MD, MPH, Chair (2015-2017)
Vanita Ahuja, MD (2014-2016)
Cherif Boutros, MD, MSc (2014-2016)
Luke Packard Brewster, MD, PhD (2014-2016)
Jason Samuel Gold, MD (2014-2016)
Michael David Goodman, MD (2014-2016)
Imran Hassan, MD (2014-2016)
Hitoshi Hirose, MD, PhD (2014-2016)
Steven C. Katz, MD (2014-2016)
Sundeep Govind Keswani, MD (2014-2016)
Julie Eileen Lang, MD (2014-2016)
John Thomas Langell, MD, PhD (2014-2016)
Jerry Godfrey Makama, MB, BS, FW (2014-2016)
Matthew Jeffrey Martin, BA, BS, MD (2014-2016)
Kevin Patrick Mollen, MD (2014-2016)
Ulka Sachdev, MD (2014-2016)
Joseph Victor Sakran, MD, MPH (2014-2016)
Wolfgang Stehr, MD (2014-2016)
Jose G. Trevino, MD (2014-2016)
Peter I-hsuan Tsai, MD (2014-2016)
Shipra Arya, MD, SM (2015-2017)
Danny Chu, MD (2015-2017)
Melissa Ellen Danko, MD (2015-2017)
Guillermo A. Escobar, MD (2015-2017)
Luke Michael Funk, MD, MPH (2015-2017)
Jayleen Grams, MD, PhD (2015-2017)
Ioannas Hatzaras, MD, MPH (2015-2017)
Christine Susan Hwang, MD (2015-2017)
Giorgos Karakousis, MD (2015-2017)
Stephen McKellar, MD (2015-2017)
Randall Paul Scheri, MD (2015-2017)
Tze-Woei Tan, MBBS (2015-2017)
Tamarah Westmoreland, MD, PhD (2015-2017)
Adam Charles Yopp, MD (2015-2017)
Jason David Prescott, MD, PhD (2015-2017)
Bellal Joseph, MD (2015-2017)
Zara R. Cooper, MD (2015-2017)
Roger Kim, MD (2015-2017)

AD HOC Appointments and Committees

AAS Historian
F. Charles Brunicardi, MD , (2014-2016)

International Career Development Course Director
Daniel A. Anaya, MD, Course Director (2015-2018)

Senior Membership Advisory Task Force

Rachel R. Kelz, MD, MSCE, Chair (2015-2017)
Daniel Albo, MD, PhD (2015-2016)
F. Charles Brunicardi, MD (2015-2018)
Herbert Chen, MD (2015-2016)
Siobhan A. Corbett, MD (2015-2016)
Eric W. Fonkalsrud, MD (2015-2016)
Alden H. Harken, MD (2015-2016)
Tien C. Ko, MD (2015-2017)
Scott A. LeMaire, MD (2015-2017)
Julie Ann Sosa, MD(2015-2017)
David I. Soybel, MD (2015-2017)
Creighton B. Wright, MD (2015-2017)

AAS Representatives

American Board of Surgery
Fizan Abdullah, MD, PhD (2012-2018)

American College of Surgeons’ Board of Governors
Timothy A. Pritts, MD (2015-2018)

American College of Surgeons' Surgical Research Committee
Dorry L. Segev, MD, PhD (2015-2016)

Association for Surgical Education
Roy Phitayakorn, MD (2015-2017)

Association of American Medical Colleges
Niraj J. Gusani, MD, MS (2014-2017)
Bethany Sacks, MD (2013-2016)

Association of Women Surgeons
Rebekah Ruth White, MD (2014-2016)

Plastic Surgery Research Council
Clara Nan-hi Lee, MD, MPP (2014-2017)

Society of Black Academic Surgeons
Fabian McCartney Johnston, MD, MHS (2015-2017)


AAS Constitution and Bylaws

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