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Just review the different levels of membership below to select the one that you are qualified for and then click on the "Fill Out An Application Form" button to begin the application.

  • January review: December 15th
  • April review: March 15th
  • July review: June 15th
  • October review: September 15th

To upgrade from Candidate Membership to Active Membership, please submit an application and mark the membership category "Upgrading to Active". If there are any questions about the application process, please contact the Membership Dept at

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Individuals become eligible for Active Membership in the Association at the Chief Resident/Fellowship level of training, or upon accepting a faculty position in surgery or one of the surgical specialties. Also, basic science faculty members with an MD or PhD who actively participate in surgical research are eligible for Active Membership. Active Membership is offered to surgeons within 10 years of their first academic faculty appointment. Member dues are $300 per year and include a subscription to the Journal for Surgical Research.

Active International
Active Members outside of the US have the option to pay a reduced Membership fee of $250. These members will receive all the benefits of Active Membership, except the journal subscription. However, a subscription to the journal can be obtained at a discounted rate of $50 a year.

After 10 years of service, Active Members of AAS will proceed to Senior Membership. Individuals over the age of forty may apply to be senior members. Senior Members may present at meetings and may participate as advisers and mentors, but do not vote at the annual business meeting and cannot hold office. Dues are $80 per year, and a subscription to the JSR can be added for a discounted rate of $50 a year.

Affiliate Membership
Individuals who are not surgeons or faculty (i.e., are not eligible for ActiveMembership) are eligible for affiliate membership if they participate in surgical research or support another of the academic missions (e.g., education) of a Department of Surgery. The period of active Affiliate Membership shall last for a total of 10 years from the time the individual began completed their professional training. After 10 years, Affiliate Members superannuate to senior membership status. If an individual who otherwise qualifies for Affiliate Membership wishes to join more than 10 years after completing their professional training, they can apply as a senior member. Affiliate members do not participate in the Annual Business Meeting and are not eligible to participate in committees or serve on the Executive Council.
Dues are $80 per year, and a subscription to the JSR can be added for a discounted rate of $50 a year.

Surgical residents interested in pursuing an academic career may join the AAS. Dues are $30 per year, and a subscription to the JSR can be added for a discounted rate of $50 a year.

Medical Student
The AAS introduced Medical Student Membership in 2007. A medical student interested in pursuing a career in academic surgery is eligible for membership. Medical Student Members may participate fully in all the activities of the Association with the exception of voting. Annual dues for Medical Student Members are $15, and students may
subscribe to the JSR at a discounted rate of $50 a year. When the student becomes a surgical resident, the individual may then elect to apply for Candidate Membership.

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