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AAS/AASF Senior Medical Student Travel Award

Application Deadline: August 28, 2017
Apply online at

Awarded annually to medical students considering pursuing a career in academic surgery.


The intent of these awards is to recognize outstanding research efforts by medical students and to encourage student interest in pursuing careers in academic surgery. The candidate must be a graduating senior medical student, receiving his/her medical degree between January and July 2017 and should be considering a career in academic surgery.


  • Applicants must submit the application which includes a 250 word summary of their research project AND a letter from their mentor describing the student's contributions to the project, the qualifications of the student, and the qualifications of the mentor.
  • The candidate must be a current medical student and be considering a career in academic surgery.


  • Six awards will be given, three for basic science projects and three for clinical/outcomes/health services/education research projects
  • All six awardees will be invited to attend the Academic Surgical Congress annually in February and will receive complimentary registration and a $500 travel stipend to defray the costs of travel
  • Complimentary medical student AAS membership for one year
  • Award certificate presented at the AAS Awards Session during the Academic Surgical Congress
  • Name published in the AAS newsletter and on the AAS Web Site

Previous Award Winners:
2017 Alexis Chidi, University of Pittsburgh
2017 Zachary Obinna Enumah, Johns Hopkins University
2017 Gregory Kennedy, University of Pennsylvania
2017 Ambar Mehta, Johns Hopkins University
2017 Barbara Williams, UC Irvine
2017 Dor Yoeli, Baylor College of Medicine
2016 Anna Huguenard, Emory University
2016 Blake Henchcliffe, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
2016 Jason Pradarelli, University of Michigan
2016 Mohini Dasari, University of Pittsburgh
2016 Richard Guyer, Vanderbilt University
2016 S. Rae Rokosh, NYU School of Medicine
2015 James Tooley, Yale University
2015 Matthew Burstein, Baylor College of Medicine
2015 Frank Davis, University of Michigan
2015 Anna Garcia, Vanderbilt University
2015 Ben Biesterveld, Medical College of Wisconsin
2015 Tyler Merceron, Vanderbilt University
2014 Muath Bishawi, Stony Brook School University School of Medicine
2014 Tosan Ehanire, Duke University
2014 Christopher Graffeo, NYU School of Medicine
2014 Calista Harbaugh, University of Michigan Health System
2014 Scott Maddalo, NYU School of Medicine
2014 Kyle Sheetz, University of Michigan Health System
2013 David Harris, University of VA, Dept of CT Surgery
2013 Jay Lee, University of Michigan
2013 Arin Madenci, University of Michigan Medical School
2013 Rajshri Mainthia, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
2013 Nirmish Singla, University of Michigan
2013 Russell Witt, UC Davis
2012 John W. Evankovich, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
2012 Shaun P. Patel, University of Michigan
2012 Brandi B. Scully, Baylor College of Medicine
2012 Swaroop Bommareddi, National Cancer Institute, NIH
2012 Matthew R. Naunheim, Brigham and Women's Hospital
2012 J. Trent Magruder, Johns Hopkins Department of Surgery

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