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AAS/AAS Trainee Research Fellowship Awards

Application Deadline: August 7, 2017
Apply online at

The Executive Council is pleased to announce the 2018 AAS/AASF Research Fellowship Awards – Basic Science/Translational and the 2018 AAS/AASF Trainee Research Fellowship Award – Clincial Outcomes/Health Services/Educational Research. The intent of these awards is to provide an eligible resident or fellow who has completed at least two years of postgraduate training in a surgical discipline the opportunity to spend one year in a full-time basic research position with an AAS member. The award of $20,000 for one year per award may be used for salary support or for the direct-cost expenditures of the research. The award is to be expended solely for the purpose of the sponsored research. The funding period for this award begins July 1, 2018.


  • Applicants must be residents or fellows who are currently enrolled in an accredited training program and have completed at least two years of postgraduate training in a surgical discipline.
  • The awardee must be a candidate member or an active member of the AAS.
  • There must be at least one mentor who is an active or senior member of the AAS (applicants with AAS membership applications in process are also eligible).
  • Applicants submit the following materials:
    1. A Cover Letter outlining their academic development plan for their one-year research period, their short and long-term career goals, and any other relevant information that they wish the committee to consider with their application.
    2. Applicant’s curriculum vitae or NIH-Style Biosketch - not to exceed 5 pages.
    3. Lay Summary of the project (200-300 words only)
    • Comprehensive Research Plan - This should be no more than five (5) [single-spaced, Arial 11pt, 1" margin] pages inclusive of the following items:
      • abstract for research proposal
      • significance of research
      • background information
      • preliminary observations
      • experimental plan (methods, materials, potential limitations and pitfalls)
      • references

    (Applications which exceed the page limitations WILL NOT BE REVIEWED.)

    1. Evidence of institutional approval (IRB, IND, University Animal Use Committee, etc.) (Please note: Approval need only be pending at the time of submission, as long as the study is approved at the time the funding is awarded.)
    2. Letter of support from sponsoring AAS mentor.
    3. Letter of support of protected time from the chair of your department. The letter must guarantee that the applicant will spend the entire funding period in the research fellowship and that the department is committed to providing the additional support necessary to ensure completion of the project.
    4. NIH-style Biosketch from your AAS mentor – not to exceed 5 pages.
  • The top-rated finalists for each award will be invited to interview with the selection committee at the 2018 Academic Surgical Congress.

Committee Review:
A committee consisting of the councilors of the AAS, president-elect, and ad-hoc members as needed will review all proposals. The top rated proposals will be selected as finalists, and these applicants will be invited to interview with the selection committee at the ASC in February. The award recipient will be selected from these finalists and will be announced at the AAS Research Awards Ceremony during the Congress.

Acceptance of Award
This proposal may be submitted to other extramural funding sources for support, but this must be acknowledged on the application form. Submission for support elsewhere will not affect the evaluation of this proposal; however, in the event that more than one extramural award is offered, the investigator will be required to accept only one source of funding. The research award recipient will be introduced during the AAS Award Session at the Academic Surgical Congress. A one-page formal progress report for the research project and copies of pertinent publications resulting from the funding of the research award should be forwarded to the office of the Secretary upon completion of the one-year research project. A final report and presentation of work accomplished will be required at the Academic Surgical Congress following the conclusion of the grant.

Winner Receives:

  • $20,000 per year for one year to be used for salary support and/or direct-cost expenditures incurred in the conduct of the proposed research project
  • Award certificate presented at the AAS Awards Ceremony during the Academic Surgical Congress
  • Name published in the AAS blog – The Academic Surgeon, and on the AAS website.

Previous Award Winners:
2017 Kyle Sheetz, University of Michigan
2017 Kristen Seiler, Washington University
2016 Jarrod Predina, University of Pennsylvania
2016  Christopher Childers, UCLA
2015 James Butler, MD, Indiana University
2015 Christina Papageorge, University of Wisconsin
2014 Jashodeep Datta, MD, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
2014 Lane Frasier, MD, University of Wisconsin
2013 Leigh Anne Dageforde, MD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
2013 Adam G. Mace, MD, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute
2012 Raphael Sun, MD, University of Iowa
2011 Kevin Southerland MD, Duke University
2010 Gary W. Nace, MD, University of Pittsburgh
2009 Seth B. Krantz, MD, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
2008 Sung W. Cho, MD, University of Pittsburgh
2007 Scott N. Pinchot, MD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2006 Daniel A. Popowich, MD, Northwestern University
2005 David Greenblatt, MD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2004 Christopher Jones, MD, Vanderbilt University
2003 Flavio G. Rocha, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
2002 Scott Hollenbeck, MD, Cornell University
2001 Andrew W. Knott, MD, University of Cincinnati
2000 Kathleen van Leeuwen, MD, University of Michigan Hospital
1999 Shimul A. Shah, MD, University of Massachusetts
1998 Maggie C. Lee, MD, UCLA
1998 Daniel Kreisel, MD, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
1997 Heung Bae Kim, MD, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
1996 Maureen Chung, MD, Roger Williams Medical College
1996 Bradley S. Taylor, MD, University of Pittsburgh
1995 John F. Renz, MD, University of California, San Francisco
1994 Mary Emily Klingensmith, MD, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
1993 Bryan M. Clary, MD, Duke University
1992 Richard Battafarano, MD, University of Minnesota
1991 Claude Roland, MD, Washington University
1990 Sherry Wren, MD, University of Pittsburgh
1989 Harold Brem, MD, Harvard University
1988 Michael Grosso, MD, University of Colorado

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