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AAS Awards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Award Questions & Answers
Q:  Can I email my application?  If I email it, should I also send a copy by fax and/or regular mail?
A:  Please use the AAS Grants site at to send us your application. You will be able to create a user profile, upload your related documents, and save your progress before submitting your files to the review committee.
Q:  Is the award open to both US and foreign applicants?
A:  Yes, we accept applications from all countries.

Q:  I just submitted my membership application.  Can I still apply for an award?
A:  Yes.  As long as your AAS membership application has been submitted before your award application, you are still eligible for the award while your membership application is in process.

Q:  When will awardees be notified?
A:  Applicants will be notified in time to pre-register for relevant meetings should they anticipate attending, even though they may not receive an award.

Q:  Are references included in the page count requirements for research plans?
A:  Yes.  Applications that do not adhere to the page count requirements will not be considered.

Q: Can I accept more than one award at a time if one does not cover all of my expenses?
A: Unless the award application does NOT state so, no.  Awards cannot be combined.

Q:  What stage of a research project is ideally suited for submission?
A: Awards are only for complete research.

Q:  My supporting AAS sponsor is also my department chairman. Do I need to find another supporting AAS mentor?
A:  No, you may use the same person for both roles.

Q:  Can I submit applications for two different projects for the same award?
A:  You may only submit one application for one project per award.  If you have multiple projects, please select your best work.

Q:  Are project submissions within surgical sub-specialties (e.g. neurosurgery, urology, etc.) encouraged?
A:  Yes, you may submit entries for surgical sub-specialties.

Q: If I am enrolled in a program at one institution but my research is being done at another institution, who should submit my letter of reference?
A: The person who is most closely overseeing your research should submit the letter of recommendation.

Q:  The award application states that you need evidence of institutional approval for IRB, IND, and Animal Use Committee. I will not have that approval upon submission of my award application. Am I still eligible?
A:  IRB and animal approval need only be pending at the time of submission, as long as the study is approved at the time the funding is awarded.

Student Travel Award Questions & Answers
Q:  What is the criterion for the AAS Student Travel Award?
A:  Applicants will be scored on their commitment to research and academic surgery and prior accomplishments as judged by their essay and mentor’s letter.

Roslyn Faculty Research Award Questions & Answers
Q:  Does the Roslyn Faculty Research Award cover direct AND indirect costs?
A:  No.  Only direct costs are covered.

Q:  Is there a specific amount of time that should be devoted to research for the Roslyn Award?
A:  There is no specific amount of time required; however, competitive applicants will propose a significant time commitment to complete their project.

Q: I currently hold a Career Development Award - am I eligible to apply for the Roslyn Award?
A: No. If you currently hold any type of career development award (NIH K12 or NIH T32, for example), you are not eligible for the Roslyn Award.

AAS Foundation Research Fellowship Award Questions & Answers
Q: Can I be eligible for the AASF Research Fellowship Award if I currently hold an NIH T32 award?
A: Yes.

Q:  I have an MD and I’ve been a research fellow for more than 2 years but I’m not a resident.  Am I eligible for the AASF Research Fellowship Award?
A:  In order to be eligible for the award, you must have a position in a surgical residency program (or have already completed your residency). If you meet that criteria, are a research fellow now, and plan to spend at least a year in the lab when you apply, then you are eligible for the award.

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